Hi! Welcome to my Web site. I am a biomedical researcher who loves science, bioinformatics, arts, music, good food, good wine, to travel, to dance, to be outdoors and to meet new people.

Research Interests

My research interests are in applying data science methodologies and developing semantic web resources and tools for the integration and analysis of the so-called biomedical big data for biomedical discovery and translational research. My Curriculum Vitae.

Research Profiles

About me

I am working in the biomedical informatics field since the year 2012. My research focuses on the application and development of tools using semantic web technologies to address questions in regard to the molecular basis and pathological mechanisms underpinning abnormal phenotypes and diseases.

My natural curiosity with hunger for learning a lot of different things is over-stimulated in this exciting time for science, and health sciences specially, and society eventually. My academic background in chemistry, my PhD training in quantum and computational chemistry and my MSc in bioinformatics gives me multidisciplinary skills: physical chemistry gives me an intrinsic and abstract vision of the world, whereas bioinformatics gives me a formal and ‘bio’ knowledge and communication skills that confers me the capacity to understand, communicate and work with different professionals ranging from a mathematician and a computer scientist to a biologist or even a medicine doctor.

I was born and raised in Catalonia (Spain). Since December 2019, I am a biomedical informatics researcher and data scientist in the Avillach Lab at Harvard Medical School (HMS), Boston, Massachusetts (USA).

Where do I work?

I am currently working at the Department of Biomedical Informatics (DBMI) in the Blavatnik Institute at Harvard Medical School located at Longwood campus of Harvard University, a Research institute located between the Charles River and the Atlantic Ocean, in Boston.

Where do I live?

I am currently living in Greater Boston, New England, a region to discover…

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