Other interests

Computational sciences

  1. 2019 – present, Introduction to Logic (Coursera)
  2. 2019 – present, Machine Learning (Coursera)
  3. 2019 – present, Probabilistic Graphical Models (Coursera)

Environmental sciences

  1. Master’s Degree in Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Energy courses [2003 — 2004]
    1. Fundamentals of Chemical Engineering
    2. Renewable Energy Technologies
    3. Environmental and Energy Management
    4. Energy Efficiency in Buildings
    5. Unit Operations

Scuba diving

PADI Open Water certificate
  1. Red Sea, Sharm El Sheikh (Egypt)
  2. Red Sea, KAUST (KSA)
  3. Sea of Cortez, La Paz (Mexico)
  4. Pacific Ocean, Maui, Hawaii (US)
  5. Pacific Ocean, La Jolla (US)
  6. Indian Ocean, Pemba (Zanzibar)
Freediving introduction course
  1. Pacific Ocean, La Jolla (US)

Countries visited

Europe: Andorra, Portugal, France, UK, Ireland, Italy, Holland, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Austria

Africa: Tanzania, Zanzibar, Morocco, Egypt

America: US, Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Canada

Asia: Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Buthan, Nepal, India, Japan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan

Oceania: New Zealand

Cities lived

Tarragona (Spain), Barcelona (Spain), San Diego (US), KAUST-Thuwal (KSA), Boston (US), Amsterdam (The Netherlands)